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Yeeun, 27, debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007, while the 25-year-old Jeong of 2AM debuted in 2008. "They continued dating even after Jeong moved to a different agency." Online media outlets are issuing a deluge of reports of past clues that that the two were dating.Yeeun was reportedly one of the musicians to sing a congratulatory song for Jeong's brother in his wedding ceremony in 2014.On a question about her career, Sohee explained that what she earned from the movie was ′acting experience′ and what she lost was...yep, ′her first kiss.′ Sohee starred as a teenage girl, Gang Ae, in the film, along with Lee Mi Suk and Kim Min Hee, acting opposite Kim Bum and Jo Eun Ji (Sohee kissed both, and spoiler ended up falling for the girl, not the guy).Sohee also revealed that she won an award at a painting contest and received a trip to Mt. The interview with the Wonder Girls members will be broadcast on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News on November 17.Yenny showed off her musical talent by writing and composing G. Appropriately, Yenny picked ′writing lyrics and composition’ as her main interest, while the group′s first single, Be My Baby and her song G. Avoid abstract explanations," while Yenny put it just a tad more directly, writing, "Sunye.Speak less." Ironically, Sun actually described herself in her resume as “a master of speaking.” And just in case you think we′ve gotten off the relationship track, no worries.She was the first teenage metahuman Red Robin contacted. However, Bunker was able to knock Grymm out by using his powers which were unaffected by the toxin.

The former members of Wonder Girls and 2AM have been dating since 2014 and confirmed their relationship in the fall of 2016.Both Yeeun's and Jinwoon's entertainment agencies stated that the two stars -- with the common love of music and their foundation -- became a couple after being friends since the beginning of 2014 when they were both under JYP Entertainment.Just how did these two keep their relationship under wraps? On the resume, Yenny answered “Me, no.1” in response to the question asking who had the most relationship experience. ” in one of her ′brain blanks′ - though it′s not in the absolute center of her mind... The members of Wonder Girls turned in their handwritten resumes to the production crew of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, prior to appearing on the show, where they′ll talk about body measurements, specialities, hobbies and interests, on November 17 at CJ E&M.