Who is sam witwer dating

"With Bishop being gone, Aidan starts taking on some of his traits. With the new season starting up, the actor discusses Suren and Aidan's past, a new character that catches Aidan's eye and the struggles the others will face.The Hollywood Reporter: What is Aidan's journey and conflict going to be in season 2?

Collider: This season has a real blend of crazy, dark and fun.He created such a specific character that I’ve been missing for the past two years.Welcome to Witwer Love, a blog dedicated to the amazingly talented actor and musician, Sam Witwer, best known for his roles in Sy Fy's Being Human and the Star Wars franchise. twitter stats (replies: 38 | likes: 81 | RT count: 11) my twitter: @_ELLEMAR | my twitch: marissa52291 thinks it’s Chloe Dykstra.They began dating soon after she called off her relationship with her long term boyfriend, Chris Hardwick. His acting career began after appearing in the Chicago Bulls commercial.He then played voice roles in the TV series ER and finally earned his place as an actor since 2004 from the television series, Battlestar Galactica.