Who is robert de niro dating

Leslie Mann, Edie Falco, Harvey Keitel, Danny De Vito, Patti Lu Pone, and Veronica Ferres also star.Producers are Hackford, Linson, John Linson, Mark Canton, and Courtney Solomon.He’s a strain on his younger brother (De Vito) and his wife (Lu Pone), and is being forced to serve out a sentence doing community service for accosting an audience member.While there, he finds inspiration by meeting Mann’s character, the daughter of a sleazy Florida real estate mogul (Keitel).

President Clinton started by saying that his appearance was a surprise, but he wasn't sure if Alec would be that excited about it.

"I was wondering have you noticed this at all about De Niro, or what are your feelings about what happens to an actor like De Niro within the confines of the film industry?

“You know, you’re talking about an environment where Marty [Scorsese] made crew members remove their watches.

President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance on Spike TV's roast of Alec Baldwin -- One Night Only: Alec Baldwin.

Most of the night was filled with Alec's family, friends, and co-stars taking shots at the legendary actor.