Who is howie day dating

Take Mad Bob's Poser image in post 2087 for instance.

Not only is it a creative (and more risqué) interpretation of a MAM cover, it's probably the only way we'll get to see a topless woman facing the guillotine at the hands of a psychotic Nazi, now that print GIMP media are no more.

Nearly a decade before its 1997 release, it was a fantasy to chase. The boy was a precocious, plotting 17-year-old named Paul Thomas Anderson.

He was growing up in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, obsessed with the studios all around him.

It's always a treat to see original art premiere at the GIMP, especially when it was created by some of the most esteemed talents in the community.

In their own way, these images help fill the void left by the now extinct MAM and fumetti classics.

High school football is here and it's a big deal in this area, right?

Yes it is, but per usual the romanticized version is a little different from reality.

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Shemika Charles, 24, followed in the footsteps of her limbo dancing mother and grandmother and showed how low she can go.He wanted in and hustled plenty — sneaking onto sets, working a Betamax camera from the age of 12, filming everything — but he also gained entrée from his father, Ernie, who was famous from his voice-over work for ABC on shows like .The Andersons had a pool — where funny-guy actors like Tim Conway and Robert Ridgely frequently lounged, cracking jokes and pouring drinks — and their own Shetland pony. Anderson also became consumed by porn and the Bizarro Hollywood industry that claimed the Valley as its Fertile Crescent.And when parents get involved, uh-oh, that's when the fun begins!But until October enjoy the romance of those Friday Night Lights.