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In what documentation does it state that it MUST be in a validation group? Now I've wasted four hours of my time on varying configurations trying get the Is Valid property to work after a submit button click event. Meaning the validation summary will show the error message-- but when I query the Is Valid property, guess what? That essentially makes the expected use of the Is Valid property useless.

Next--where is the instruction on how to use this control? What would be really nice is if you could provide specific instructions like this when they are needed in the quick start instruction provided with the help, rather than relying on cutting and pasting your demos! Even after pasting that nasty client side ID into the control it will do the validation using the validation group and validation summary.

Now submit the form without filling any details and you will see the following validations appear.

You will also observe that as we fill in the details, the valid fields turn green (with a tickmark), thereby giving immediate feedback to users. This way, the form will not be submitted until the required/validated fields are correctly filled.

Below is some of its advanced features: There is an important note that the input must be revalidated when the user choose another country from the drop list.

Unfortunately, intl-tel-input doesn't provide an event or callback that is executed after choosing a country.

I've read something about Validating Events, but I am not sure how can I use them. Validating Event When you change the focus by using the keyboard (TAB, SHIFT TAB, and so on), by calling the Select or Select Next Control methods, or by setting the Container Control.But if the control could do things like looking the client ID of its own referenced outside textbox, that would be even better.And best yet: if the Is Valid property would return the right value, based solely on user entry (and not whether it is included in validation groups) being valid or not, that would be great.Therefore, despite the fact that it doesn't cover all possible formats of phone number in the world, you can use the regexp validator to test a phone number in your country.This example helps you validate an international phone number by using a different approach.