Updating pes 2016 ps3

The 51 new faces will include Fernando Torres, Kevin de Bruyne, Julian Draxler, Jamie Vardy and Aleksander Mitrovic, with more coming in future updates.

The Maracana stadium will be available for the Play Station 4 and Xbox One, and it comes with “a unique pre-match intro sequence showing the exterior and surrounding city and passionate fans lighting fireworks and flares.”New boots will include latest designs from Joma, Mizuno, and Puma.

The free update will bring new German, Italian, and Spanish international kits as well as new boots and balls.

The second update will also reflect roster updates that were not implemented in the first Data Pack.

New kits will also be added to the main game, adding further authenticity.

Taken from the press release: All new French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 kits have been updated and implemented, as have those of the top two Spanish leagues.

But offline players have to wait until 29th October for the game's first Data Pack, which will fully implement all updated rosters to all modes and make Live Updates available to all applicable modes.Some speculate that the delay has to do with pushing players away from Master League and toward the micro-transaction fuelled My Club.Live Updates goes live for My Club on 29th October, but micro-transactions for the mode are available now.The update will add all transfers, new faces, kits and gameplay tweaks.According Konami’s press release, the free update will roll out on October 29 Player forms will also be updated, which will be constantly monitored as part of KONAMI’s ongoing weekly update files, which alter according to the real-life form of players.