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Learn more about when to update Chrome, as well as extra tips for your operating system.

Google developer team has released Chrome 60 version to Stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chrome automatically installs new updates, but this manual method ensures you are always running the latest version.

If you are using Chrome on an Android or i OS device, you can update the browser through Google Play or the App Store, respectively.

Having an up to date web browser is vital to having a safe and fully-featured web experience and Chrome's auto-update feature facilitates this very easily.

In most cases - actually, unless you have specifically disabled it - Chrome will check for updates every couple of hours and automatically update itself.

updating google chrome-59

For Ubuntu Linux as of the date of writing these are: Stable Channel: This channel has gotten the full testing and blessing of the Chrome test team, and is the best bet to avoid crashes and other issues.

The browser saves your opened tabs and windows and reopens them automatically when it restarts.

If you'd prefer not to restart straight away, click Not now.

This build includes several security fixes, bug fixes and improvements to stability and performance.

I am running Ubuntu Maverick under VMWare on Windows to make sure the code I write works on various OSes and browsers. I can't figure out how to update Google Chrome dev channel I installed a while ago.