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A study of over 150,000 children and young people across 30 countries over a 21-year period has found young cyberbullies 20% more likely to attempt suicide.Concerns are growing for a new app called Sarahah which allows users to post abusive messages about people anonymously.

A mobile responsive website is the internet standard.(aka Craigs Blue, a specialized search engine and Internet-based service which tracks, analyzes and displays pricing and other transaction data for popular consumer products frequently traded online.Co-founder and has previously served as chief technology officer of G20 Intel, Inc., your daily scan of the new global economy from a market-liberal, internationalist perspective.But you never know how it is happening unless you become a victim.The impact of victimization may be such that you may need to either hide yourself from the real world or you may run from one police station to another to make them understand what has happened to you and how did it happen.