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A broad range of topics in acoustics will be covered in technical sessions and keynote lectures.

Presentations on emerging topics are especially encouraged.

The Herston Quarter will be redeveloped into a world-class health and wellbeing precinct that showcases the area's local heritage.

Australian Unity has developed a vision for the site that will enhance the Herston Quarter’s health services including hospital care, aged care, medical education and cutting edge research.

As the former Arizona sheriff’s federal case headed toward trial this spring, the president asked the attorney general whether it would be possible for the government to drop the criminal case against him, but was advised that would be inappropriate, according to three people with knowledge of the conversation.

The multiple announcements he made as a hurricane approached enraged his detractors and buoyed his most ardent supporters while leaving open the question of how they will be received by voters who don’t fit neatly into either camp.

August 2017 The Queensland Government has released the Herston Quarter Priority Development Area Proposed Development Scheme.Note: (Additional) downloads of documentation dating from April 2007 onwards and relating to the national office versions of the Online Filing software are available from the download section on the dedicated national office page.The storm caused destruction in the small city of Rockport, where one fatality was confirmed.Reporters tend to regard the get-back-to-you line by the White House press secretary — or her predecessors — the way a creditor reacts to being told the check is in the mail: They’ll believe it when they see it. First, schmooze the civil servants In the latest issue of the magazine: Month of August to be Renamed ‘Diana’…