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This happens for various reasons like not being in an area where there are singles in your age group, or being too busy to be out looking, which underscores why Catholic Match is such a great tool for meeting other Catholics. The list of biases goes on and on but that’s all they are… One way to help this along is to pray to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, particularly wisdom and understanding.

But sometimes not meeting anyone worthwhile can actually come down to one’s attitude toward and level of hope in actually finding someone special. Be honest with yourself about the things that are holding you back because if you’re not, you’re being dishonest with someone you date. Our heavenly Father is generous with those who ask for these gifts and they can help you overcome any doubts or lack of ability to trust that might be lingering from your past relationships. It’s important to be able to recognize when you’re walking into the same relationship scenario that was a problem before and have the will power to stay out of it.

“I still treasure the words my grandmother wrote to me on the day of my ordination.

I carry them with me to this day inside my breviary,” the Holy Father told pilgrims March 11.

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It is also true that, statistically, older singles marry at much lower rates than younger singles. First, the older singles figure includes all of the people who for whatever reason don’t want or intend to marry. It also gets more difficult to marry as we get older, because it gets more difficult for older singles to find each other.Sure, it would be nice to look like we were in our 20s again, but who really wants to suffer through all those life lessons again? I bring this up because at the beginning of Lent this year, Pope Francis brought up an issue I think is extremely important, and one that I hope you will contemplate and contribute to in the comments section if you are over 50.The Holy Father pointed out that older people play a key role in the lives of the youth through sharing the pearls of wisdom they have gathered over the course of their lifetime.I couldn’t agree with Pope Francis more, especially in an age where the older generations of people are regarded as unimportant or useless.I believe there are gold mines of wisdom to absorb and learn when it comes to hearing what people older than ourselves have to say.