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How you approach an “unknown” woman shouldn’t be much different than how you approach a known lesbian – or anyone for that matter. Tell her you found something about her interesting and perhaps ask, “Are you from around here?

But it moves along nicely, and the girl grows up... The life of a teenager is not profound, we just think it is when when we're in the middle of it. Or perhaps you see her at your local mall or Starbucks.Wherever it is you’re seeing that hot woman, you’re busy trying to figure out if she’s lesbian so you can ask her out.Andrea Marr is a bright, straight-A, mature, 18-year-old high school senior on the verge of womanhood who decides to abandon her sheltered, boring lifestyle and her bookish friend Darcy for a look into the local rock and roll scene as a groupie to local rock singer Tod Sparrow and learn more about the life of one who follows a touring band along with her new friends aspiring rock star wannabee Cybil, outgoing fellow groupie Rebecca, and music critic Kevin. But, come on, we've all been teenagers, and we've all been self-conscious and stupid, and we've all wanted to be So-and-So's girlfriend/boyfriend.I've read some very good and very bad reviews of "Girl", and I can't exactly agree with either. I liked the supporting cast, and thoroughly hated Todd Sparrow (as we should).