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Smith’s husband, Jeff Edwards — a former leading dancer with New York City Ballet and now a faculty member at the Juilliard School — says he didn’t do much for his parents when he was young, but for a more practical reason: His working class family didn’t have the leisure time to “mark the day in any dramatic way.” Growing up with Filipino immigrant parents, Cabotaje, a San Francisco resident and Department of Health and Human Services attorney, says holidays were always different in his house than his friends’ homes.

“One time, Santa Claus rang the doorbell on Christmas Eve and left presents on the doorstep,” he says.

Honestly, it took me until I was over 18 to find the right way to live with her.

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DJ Khaled and Asahd may have their #Mogul Talk, but one mommy and daughter duo are going viral for their #salontalk.

In a clip posted by Kerry Robinson, we get some insight into how she hilariously converses with daughter Jayde, who has already mastered the art of hair brushing and chatting with salon clients.

I offered to pay for it, but she said that the damage has already been done. How much is a parent entitled to know about their adult child’s intimate life?

Is there anything I could have done/can do to help the situation?