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POM = Prescription Only Medicine for veterinary use only.A sow may also be killed for an emergency hysterectomy by shooting and bleeding by cutting the jugular veins, or destroying the spinal cord using a pithing rod.Many pot-bellied pigs present in an obese condition.Aside from systemic health effects, this often complicates drug administration.You will be able to get a quick price and instant permission to reuse the content in many different ways.(150) The indications for anaesthesia in the pig are limited but include caesarean section, vasectomy and ovum transplants, operations that are carried out by a veterinarian.

I HAD WROTE ABOUT HOW SHE HAD A PROLAPSED RECTUM AND A VET HERE IN FRESNO CA. I KNOW FROM YOUR INFORMATIVE NOTES ON ANESTHETICS THAT KETAMINE IS A DANGER TO PEBBLES AND WILL AVOID IT. I KNOW MY SPOILING HER MAY BE A PART OF THE BLAME ... Q: Hi, My husband and I are proud parents of a mini pot bellied pig named Ariel. She won't let us trim her nails and they are getting quite long. Beth Hi Beth, was reading your post and thinking (Which is a stretch around here! Injectables with Pots just doesn't work very well and sometimes they don't come out of it at all.

Smaller pot belly pigs have an accessory cephalic vein that is often identified in a more medial location than is expected.

Pigs should be fasted for 12 hours prior to anesthesia/sedation. It is ideal to provide supplemental oxygen via facemask to pigs while sedated, and especially during recovery.

Most other surgical procedures can be carried out by the use of tranquillisers and local anaesthetics.

Anaesthesia is carried out by intravenous injection, inhalation, spinal anaesthesia or local infiltration of tissues.