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I already tried using Workbooks versus Windows and there was no difference, however the instance idea is interesting.

How do I open 2 workbooks in separate instances versus the same instance. You can open another instance of Excel just how you would open the first instance.

Cells(((i - nstart) / step1) 2, 1) = i Sheets("coveragesimulation"). Screen Updating = True End Sub First thing that I can see is taht you should have a reference to ATPVBAEN. Second, Is this sub routine being called from another sub or is this the only one that is running?

Cells(j, i 4) Then count = count 1 End If Next j coverage = count / overall N Sheets("coveragesimulation"). More specifically, have the block occur after the call to "APTVAEN.

Remove the line indicated to search for every instance.

File Dialog(mso File Dialog File Picker) If doc To Open. Long-running, high-end Excel-based applications that I developed years ago and that run beautifully in Excel 20 look like Amateur Hour in Excel 20 because Application. The screen unfreezes apparently when VBA code copies a preformatted worksheet from the macro workbook into a new workbook, although other circumstances must trigger it as well. I’ve seen the threads on this subject that recommend “fiddling with the code” or “calling the code in a subroutine”. Unfortunately, I have to maintain hundreds of Excel applications each with thousands of lines of code and hundreds of users who are about to migrate to Office 2016, so rewriting is not an option. I wanted to leave a comment but I am not allowed to do so. Without a code sample it is very dificult to understand your problem (please see and edit your question appropriately.