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Just like Tinder, once you’re admitted to Raya you’re presented with an array of possible matches but instead of just seeing a photo, you get what Hines describes as a “montage set to music” – an added frill to help justify the .99 monthly fee.

Aside from the more prominent roster of users and some upgraded pictures, Raya is essentially Tinder – but with greater chance of celebrity sightings.

He started very early ever since his parents bought him a karaoke machine and he started singing to its tunes. From grade one onwards, he started taking part in competitions singing mainly Elvis Presley, 'NSYNC and B2K songs.

“She knew that Gerardo was married,” Bazua’s estranged wife, Yuriko Sandoval told local media.

“She should have respected that …” Sandoval, Bazua’s wife of ten years and mother of their sons Gerardo Jr., 9, and Sebastian, 2, says that rumors of his relationship with Rubio first arose when he was mentored by her on the show earlier this year, but he dismissed them as “jokes.” Later, he told Sandoval he was going on a promotional trip for the show, but was spotted hanging with Rubio in Cancun.

Raya is an exclusive, invitation-only app “for people in creative industries,” the website describes.

In order to gain admission, users are vetted by an anonymous committee that verify their identity and determine whether they are a good fit for the dating pool.“During my three weeks on Raya, I saw pro skateboarders and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, Dancing With the Stars professional dancers, a You Tube beauty guru, the designer of a streetwear brand popularized by Kanye West, a teen celebrity chef, and Moby,” Alice Hines writes for The Cut.