Nick rhodes is dating a fan

The former Italian office worker has quit her job and re-branded herself as a fashion stylist, as well as giving herself a new name - Nefer. Nick was married to Younkers store heiress Julie Anne Friedman for eight years, but the couple divorced in 1992.

They have a daughter together, 25-year-old designer Tatjana.

In 1978, Bates left school at the age of sixteen, and founded Duran Duran with his art school friend John Taylor.

At about the same time as the name Duran Duran was chosen for the band, he decided to change his name, for "aesthetic reasons", to Rhodes after the Greek Isle.

Nick Rhodes (born Nicholas James Bates in Moseley, West Midlands, England, June 8 , 1962) is the keyboardist for Duran Duran.

Both Rhodes and singer Simon Le Bon are the only members to have been with the band throughout its 25-year professional career (beginning in 1980).

He co-founded the band Duran Duran with John Taylor in the late 1970s.

Duran Duran first made the charts in 1981 with "Planet Earth" in England.

He grew up in Birmingham, England, as the son of building contractor.We would go out every single night and do things together.Andy was our extended family and we loved him.' After launching The Roving Stove – stocking up wealthy family’s fridges with a week’s worth of home cooked goodies – she is now in demand as a chef and decided to launch a second healthy eating website teaching people how to create wholesome meals.Nicholas James Bates was the only child of well-off parents, the owners of a Birmingham toy shop.Bates attended Woodrush High School in Hollywood, Birmingham.