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But seeing all those men wanting to date my mom was amazing.

Men, lots of men, wanted to go out with this woman who had four kids, a sharp wit, and a growing career. I’d absorbed through pop culture that women were supposed to be single, thin, and pretty — not funny or smart or ambitious.

I think I understood her crazier moments better than anyone else.

It’s one thing to have a conversation with someone and tell them a bit about yourself, but trying to sum up all of your wonderful qualities, shortcomings, quirks, aspirations and life history into a couple of short paragraphs is a daunting prospect for most people.There's no complex character study here, just a group of folks with some crazy, nevertheless believable, ideas.The emphasis is on plot, spiced with corny humor and ``turkey jokes.'' Kids will enjoy this lighthearted storythere's hardly a dull moment.She explained that he came to the store where she was working and asked her out — and she initially said no!After more visits to her place of employment — and a budding friendship on Twitter — she finally gave him her number.