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(echo - rest of team) pump that (school name) spirit up! (echo - rest of team) crank that (school name) spirit up! Submitted by: Dara Hey Crowd on 3 yell go-1-2-3-GO!Hey Crowd on 3 yell Raiders (team name)1-2-3-RAIDERS! Don't cut us no slack You've got to rock it with the Red And roll it with the White! Submitted by: Tosha It won't, it won't, it won't go in, It'll roll around the rim, but it won't go in. Submitted by: Khristin We are the Bucks(team name)Blue, gold, and white The Bucks are back, we're here to win We'll f-i-g-h-t fight (2x's).Volleyball slogans such as “No pain No gain” and “Just spike it! People will laugh when they see funny volleyball slogans such as “It’s out duty to kick your booty”. This week's collection of cheers, chants, and yells can all be used for Basketball. jump up and hit it, that's the way we get it, POINT! You gotta bump it, to set it, to spike it, to score, you gotta want it, to win it and we want it more!

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Hey, You (team name) fans, Stand up and clap your hands! Hey, You (team name) Fans Now let's see you wave your hand! (Repeat)Submitted by: Cheer4Life Ya' gotta dribble, pass, shoot to score, Ya' gotta pivot, 2-3-4!It sounds nice and definitely different cheer than in other sports. It is easy, fun and helps to get the crowd into the game. If your school happens to have four letters, you can call the fourth letter when the balls hits opponent’s court.. “You try to get All in our space We slam that ball Back in your face! Stand up and yell it, Go Raiders Go, Come on Go Raiders Go, Let's hear it, Go Raider Go, one more time now GO RAIDERS GO, YEAH! Submitted by:chevy girlmartine Come on Flyer fans in the stands Let us see you clap your hands (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)Now that you got the beat, let us see you stomp your feet (stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)Now that you got the groove, let me see your body moveoo aahh aahh aahh oo ahh ahh oo One more timeoo ahh ahh ahh oo ahh ahh ahh oo Submitted by: Tags Yeah, that's right!The blue, gold, and white are here to win and here to fight, So look out Bruins, We just want you to know, The Cru is here and we're in control.