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I hope the writers play into that because Mike always manages to adapt.

He couldn’t sing before he joined glee club but found a way to learn how.

His mother is a native of Hong Kong, and his father is from Guangzhou, China.

They relocated to Costa Rica, where Shum and his two older sisters were born.

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When Shum was six years old, the family moved to San Francisco, California.

Shum has stated that he identifies as being somewhat Latino.

And he has shown his versatile acting with perfect dancing moves.

It’s going to be an entirely different ballpark outside of that high school, too.

Not going to six periods, choir or glee club is going to be a new experience for all the characters. What’s great about Mike and Tina’s storyline is that the show itself has so much drama, so it’s nice for viewers to see a functional couple that have issues but are able to clear them up. Some people like the relationship drama, but there are also some people who beg for stability in relationships.

He is also well known as dancer, singer, and choreographer. He was graduated from Arroyo Grande High School in 2000 and he gets motivated from watching a different movie.

He made his first acting from television screen in 2003 from an American drama television series Boston Public.