Guigui and aaron yan dating park yong ha eugene dating

Aaron Yan explains he is a singer, and actor and he loves his career he enjoys every moment of it, but he is most happy when he is at home with his two dogs and able to feed them and play with them.All the girls throughout the show do not know how to respond until Aaron Yan's well known friend Chen Bo Lin shows up on the screen and half the lights go red, they all say it was because he is Chen Bo Lin who starred in the hit drama series "Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni" they all love him too.(A werewolf story.) "Fate is the divine and mysterious force that causes two people to meet.

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I also don't know if the two of us are caught in this game of theirs." She's laughing.

Agnes on the other hand says she too is a lover of music and wishes that they could enjoy it together.

There's not even a single hint that Guilun / Guiwang will play a drama together.. I can't wait to watch her New Drama too bad Its not a Gui Lun nor Gui Wang drama but George is cute so its ok.

Likely only Aaron fangirls will get a kick out of it.

Above is the first character promotional stills from the drama showing Aaron’s character sporting two different outs for each of his dual personalities.