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On November 8, as it became clear that Hillary Clinton would lose the presidency to Trump, the comedian tweeted: 'Rural=so stupid'.He found himself under fire from both those who supported Trump and those opposed to him.'I knew there was a reason you got fired from SNL' wrote one.'Treat hate with hate, that'll work,' wrote another.But now the star - who was fired from the show in a shock move in August - has told Brooklyn magazine that Trump struggled to read the script and didn't really seem to understand why he was there.Killam was discussing his current role on Broadway in the musical Hamilton when the subject of Trump was raised.'Yeah, well, the president is a moron,' he said. I mean, there was no big reveal.'He struggled to read at the table read [a pre-dress-rehearsal practice], which did not give many of us great confidence. He’s just a man who seems to be powered by bluster.'Killam was dropped from SNL after six years last August along with fellow long-timer Jay Pharoah and one-year wonder Jon Rudnitsky.Il quitte l'émission en même temps que la star de la distribution, Kristen Wiig.Si cette dernière connait alors un succès critique et commercial surprise de la comédie Bridemaids, Sudeikis va s'imposer en enchaînant plusieurs rôles.

Hadn’t he already heard these jokes during rehearsal? But he was never funny on the show and often came across as lost and surly, as if he had no idea what he was doing there./ Howard Dean / Iron Man / Jack / James Stewart / Jason Mraz / Jeff / Jefferson Mitchell / Jerry Sandusky / Jesus / Jim Nantz / Joe Buck / Joe Manchin / John King / John Tesh / John Walken / Jon Bovi member / Josh Peck / Kanye West / Kenny Rogers / Kevin Butler, Cowbell playing Football Player / Kevin Harlan / Kevin O'Leary / Kirk Krack / Lance Armstrong / Mark Mc Grath / Mark Sanford / Marshall T., the actress, writer, musician, is getting ready to add “feature director” to her repertoire. Bush / A-Hole / Billy Ray Cyrus / The Devil / Wolf Blitzer / Robert Osborne / Gil / Glenn Beck / Harry Connick Jr./ Jim / Mark Kaufman / Officer Sikorsky / Pete Twinkle / Philip Seymour Hoffman / Ricky Gervais / DJ Super Soak / Dane Cook / Ed Mahoney / Jack Rizzoli / Joseph Biden / Nick Carter / Simon Cowell / Taylor Hicks / Terry Moran / Todd Palin / Vance / A-hole / Adam Lambert / Al Michaels / Aladdin / Audience Member / Bilbo Baggins / Bill Frist / Bill O'Reilly / Bill Oefelein / Blake Shelton / Bobby Knight / Brad Paisley / Bret Michaels / Brett Favre / Chris / Chris Hunter / Chris Matthews / Dan Marino / Dana Milbank / David Letterman / Donald Trump / Doug Stanhope / Dr. John / Eli Manning / Eskimo audience member / Flip Flop / Fozzie / George Allen / George Bailey / Greg / Hank Haney / Hank Williams Jr.