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Jenny tried to get her company to let her work remotely in Georgia, but it turned out that was not an option. Without success, he picked up and moved to Ohio to be with the woman he loved. Jenny and Dax were married in September in her back yard.

A few months later, he landed a job in his field and then his son joined him in Ohio. Her friend Chris, who started the Facebook group, officiated the wedding.

“We felt like we were a couple before we even met, ” said Jenny.

” She added, “The first time we spoke on the phone, there was something familiar in his voice and we just had a connection.” Before their big meeting, Dax had told Jenny, “I’m going to kiss you right when I see you! The two started a long-distance relationship and got together for long weekends once a month for 1.5 years, but they knew that someone would have to move.

Six months later, the two decided to meet IRL in Charleston, South Carolina.

If this is the case, overwhelming someone with a lavish present may make him or her feel uncomfortable. If you see their relationship status says, “In a Relationship” or “Married,” or if you notice several photos of them in the arms of the same person, save your flirting skills for someone else who might be open to the possibilities. Take the extra step to thank them on their timeline. Often people meet offline first and then connect on Facebook to stay in touch. Facebook Love celebrates those who have found love on the world’s largest social network.The wisecracks, according to Jenny, got her hooked and she sent him a Facebook friend request, which Dax accepted.Jenny noticed the bad jokes on Dax’s Facebook page and the two then started chatting privately on Facebook.Facebook Love Stories celebrates those who have found love on the world’s largest social network.If you know someone who met on Facebook, invite them to share their Facebook Love Story. Try these cute pick-up lines coasters or send a set to your single friends to help them if they’re feeling shy.