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They prove something very important to us, which is that those children can grow in different environments and survive and live a life in a place other than Earth.Just studying the development of future post-colonial Martian generations unlocks a lot of secrets of how the human race can adapt to secondary data points other than Earth. To read Part II, titled The Case for Space Sex, you can read the article here. You’re in your 30s, you live in the year 2029, you just sold all your assets so that you can afford that one way ticket to the Martian colony. Do you think you’d be able to find a partner on Mars to live with?So I’ve recently noticed that a majority of my Muslim friends are single and have been single for a long time.I’ve heard a variety of different explanations from different people as to the cause, some saying it’s because they’re too picky, some saying because they’re too old, others speculating it has to do with the cultural and religious background we come from.Even if another civilization communicated on one of SETI's search frequencies, they would most likely live extremely far away.Additionally, an extraterrestrial source that doesn't know we're here would have to send a constant and powerful signal in all directions for us to notice it.

The classical equation looks like this where all the factors are multiplied together: N = R x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L The factors break down as: N = number of alien civilizations in the Milky Way R = number of stars in our galaxy fp = Fraction of stars with planets ne = number of planets that where life as we know it can exist fl = % of those planets where life arises fi = % of those planets (fl) where intelligence develops fc = % of those societies that develop electromagnetic science f L = % of societies that emit electromagnetically into space for a long time The Drake equation actually required guesses for many important factors.

Even if there is life on other planets, most life forms will not establish civilizations.

However, if there are any communicating civilizations, their messages would have to travel for hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of years to reach us, and then our response would take an equivalent amount of time, leaving them waiting for thousands and thousands of years or more, and probably even more than that.

Any response, from their perspective, would take at least twice as long as the message took to reach its destination.

All the factors involved in the equation are difficult to measure or estimate, no number is determined with sufficient accuracy, so the equation is a guideline for a thought experiment at best, and just "bullshit" at worst.