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Chinese athlete, highly acclaimed center for the NBA’s Houston Rockets.After playing five seasons with the Shanghai Sharks, Yao (his last name) joined the Rockets as the number one draft pick in the 2002 NBA season.The drama premieres next week with an English title of , but the Chinese title 杉杉来了(Shan Shan Lai Le which translates into Shan Shan is Coming) is a riff on the leading lady’s name of Xue Shan Shan.

Prince William (a perfectly impressive 6ft 3in) appeared positively ornamental as he shook Yao’s gigantic paw, craned his neck to say ‘hello’ and tried to ignore the fact that the top of his head barely reached the knot in Yao’s tie.

A short, non-athletic, bespectacled East Asian studies major who couldn't make his high school basketball team finds himself in the NBA as the personal translator for the first-ever Chinese pro basketball superstar, Yao Ming.

Plus, a Palestinian man teaches Hebrew classes in the Gaza strip to Palestinians eager to learn news from the other side of the checkpoint.

Afterwards brother-sister are rather indebted to her but rather than use Feng Teng’s typical method of paying her off, his sister suggests sending her nutritious packed lunches so she can recover from the blood loss and make the thank you more personal.

Shan Shan loves to eat and her enjoyment of the lunches along with general bright sunny personality slowly melts cold Feng Teng’s heart and he falls for her.