Dating australian banknotes

Did you know that all existing banknotes no matter their age (yes, even the old paper ones) are valid currency?

While the RBA don’t suggest you take them to your local supermarket to use, they can be exchanged for new currency at any bank. This note will be released into circulation towards the end of next year.

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The next banknote from the Next Generation series is the , expected to be issued in 2018.Queensland Treasury notes were issued by the Queensland Government and were legal tender in that State.Notes of both categories continued in circulation until 1910, when the 1910 empowered the Governor-General to authorize the Commonwealth Treasurer to issue Australian notes in denominations of 10s., 1, 5, and 10 and any multiple of 10.While Australian banknotes are among some of the safest in the world, the Reserve Bank of Australia has all intentions to keep them that way.First of all, it’s important not to discard your previous bank notes!