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We’ve all had our fair share of awful first dates and woeful one night stands. Writer West and illustrator Cook first joined heads in Bristol, and after innumerable “bitching” sessions of “terrible dates” and “shitty relationships”, the pair decided to create visual representations of their darkest romantic catastrophes.Sometimes it’s cool to chat about it with friends, but more often than not we’re left feeling like we’re the only ones who are S. Following the success of their sold out first issue of Disaster Zine, the duo decided to document further tales into a second issue.Once we got out in the sun at the reservoir, drank the beer, and ate the sandwich, I proceeded to feel sicker than I have ever felt before and throw up all over the beach. There were many men from all over the world at the U.That was 17 years ago and I still can remember how sick I felt. I met one from India and after we had coffee one afternoon, and he invited me back to his place.

Holding hands with your date as the snow falls gently on the ground is a perfect vision most couples think about during this time.

You can also opt to just stay in your respective homes if you are separated by long distances.

To avoid any heated arguments on where you should spend Christmas, it is important that you discuss it with your partner.

The inspiration for Cook’s provocative illustrations came from nightmares and horror films, which he combined with intimacy and affection. Tori West: They varied; some of my exes weren’t too happy, some laughed it off.

My favorite [responses], though, [came from] working zine fairs, watching old ladies flick through it and being absolutely horrified.