Dating a testicular cancer survivor

Many testicular cancer survivors fathered children without using sperm they had banked before cancer treatment. Researchers tracked fatherhood in more than 1,800 testicular cancer survivors.However, "all patients with testicular cancer who wish to maintain fertility (and who do not require emergent treatment) should be counseled and offered the option of sperm banking," states an editorial in the journal. men have a history of testicular cancer, Saxman notes. The men completed surveys about their marital status and family plans. A total of 554 men said they tried to father a child after their cancer treatment. Many men had fathered children before testicular cancer (90% of those who had tried).

They may feel ashamed or afraid that others will reject them.

Even if your treatment doesn't show, your body changes may trouble you. Feeling bad about your body can also lower your sex drive.

This loss of or reduction in your sex life may make you feel even worse about yourself.

Changes in the way you look can also be hard for your loved ones, which can be hard on you.

Parents and grandparents often worry about how they look to a child or grandchild.

Dating a testicular cancer survivor