Chamique holdsclaw dating Audult aunty live

But not to be outdone, Lacy is also on the rebound — with a Washington Mystics star who kinda resembles Holdscalw right down to the dreadlocks.

Read the email from Lacy (or someone in her camp) after the break.

“My grandmother noticed my anger, and how I would retreat to my room whenever my mother came by,” recalls Holdsclaw, now 38.

She went to speak to a therapist, but wasn’t given medication. When I was out there on the court, I was in a heightened state, and that chase of elevation gave me what I needed.

I have had the pleasure of following Chamique Holdsclaw career from the highs to her latest run in with the law.

I do not condone her behavior one bit being a role model to so many.

The best WNBA story of the year probably got more fans than the actual games hit TMZ hard when it involved rumors about lesbian drama off the court that involved former WNBA Star Chamique Holdslaw and her ex girlfriend Jennifer Lacy.

I am a die hard WNBA fan some call me groupie since 97.

It was one particular person, a good friend in Washington D. But as soon as I was able to speak about it and be honest, I started healing.

In the last year, however, she’s had some public struggles, including an arrest for a violent attack on her ex-girlfriend’s car.

Yesterday former WNBA star and Olympic gold medalist Chamique Holdsclaw was indicted in Atlanta on charges stemming from a November 2012 incident involving an ex-girlfriend and former teammate that took a violent turn.

But with all the leaks out about Chamique being linked with her so called best friend Rita Davis makes you wonder what really happened.

I follow both Jennifer and Chamique on Instagram and twitter, I’ve even wondered if they were together but I constantly see BFF or bestie.