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What works on one person might not work on another, and, while the end game is to actually meet up and not just land a number, sometimes, it's the little wins that feel the best.

But to get there takes work, and breaking the ice with a lame line like, "Hey, how's it going?

set us up on a conference call with dating expert Rachel Greenwald.

One thing she really stressed was the importance of coming up with a few icebreaker questions to get the conversational ball rolling.

" isn't going to make you stand out from the abundance of matches that a good looking lady has waiting for her. Well, if you're any of these people, you come with the most clever, witty and ingenious icebreaker possible—and, sometimes, it actually works.

An ice breaker is an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome and warm up the conversation among participants in a meeting, training class, team building session, or another event.

This is a similar thing.”For Jeanne Achille, chief executive officer of the DEVON Group, the most effective ice breakers are those focused on the individual with whom you’re seeking to converse – far more impactful than some contrived, canned sound bite.

Marcia Rhodes, regional managing director for Amendola Communications, was out with her girlfriends one evening and began posing for group photos at a Scottsdale, AZ restaurant when one guy approached her and asked, “Do you actually enjoy having your photo taken?

” Rhodes replied that she’s in PR and therefore it’s part of the job.

" So I came up with a few icebreakers in advance and, lo and behold, they totally worked!

Now I'm asking every girl I meet silly questions.