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I think you should put an File Uploder into the Grid View, and say that you should get the specific file through its text, and use File.

Find Control("cb1_ML"), Check Box) Dim Col1_PH = CType(Gridview1.

When reporters for website spotted the couple on the streets of Sin City on Independence Day, she revealed they were to wed in Las Vegas later in the day. We're marrying in Vegas today." But her spokesperson has since said no wedding took place.

Bai Ling has hit out at critics' love of her naked form - insisting they are the ones with dirty minds.

The textbox is visible when the gridview is in "edit mode", and the label is visible when the gridview is in "normal mode" 2) When I place a breakpoint in the rowupdating method, it looks like the values are changed as I would expect them to be.

Update() End Sub Thanks, Qin, Thanks for the response.

Get All Bytes to get its image bytes and assign it to the Sql Data Source (Update Command).

The following is an example of a Sql Data Source control where an Image parameter is added, and where the Select- and Update Command are specified (The Image parameter represents the filename that will be passed to the Update Commnad): " ID="Sql Data Source1" runat="server" Select Command="SELECT [Customer ID], [Name], [Image] FROM [Customers]" Update Command="UPDATE [Customers] SET [Name] = @Name, [Image] = @Image WHERE [Customer ID] = @original_Customer ID" The File Upload control, will not automatically save the uploaded file.

They hit the jackpot as the perpetually perturbed pipsqueak baby of the family, Aaron, steps from one mishap to another. Sadly, the crafty surfboard did not manage to put Aaron out of his misery and in doing so, lighten ours a little bit as well.

The show was a lengthy two hours with very little from the current LP.

Backstreet opted for the tried-and-true and this was good enough for the excited horde who screamed when their favourite Backstreet Boy was shown in close-up on the video screen and sang along.

Carter has emerged as a character, Mc Lean is edgy and Litterell is a fan favourite.

They had the hits behind them to give them confidence and evidently the fans haven't deserted them as the pundits predicted.