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Completion of this course also fulfils the professional development requirements for vocational trainers and educators.

This course is part of an articulated program of study.

Adelaide Potters’ Club – Adelaide Potters is a club for the…

See more Adelaide Support Groups for Grief and Bereavement The Compassionate Friends South Australia – Offering friendship and understanding to families following the death of a child.

Aged Care Assessment Teams in South Australia Aged & Community Services – Industry body for not-for-profit aged care services.

Aged Rights Advocacy Service – Provides advocacy assistance to support older people to uphold their rights. See more Alcohol, Drugs, and Gambling – Information and Rehabilitation Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council (SA) Inc Australian Drug Information Network links to an extensive range of information about alcohol and other drugs.

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Adelaide Estonian Art & Crafts Society – Fosters traditional Estonian handcrafts, but also art and craft in general.The wife of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills the founder and the presiding Bishop.She is a lawyer by profession and blessed with four children, David, Joshua, Daniella and Paula.A weekly podcast recorded in Adelaide that puts South Australian passion on centre stage with a featured guest who joins us each week as a co-presenter to share how they're pursuing their passions.We venture across topics as diverse as history, wine, food, art, music, relationships, critical thinking, health, news, interviews, chat and quizzes.